Gran Canaria - Palmitos Park

“My children turned out to be the best teachers in the world on the day we visited Palmitos Park. That’s right, the best! My little kids, no joke. The world turned on its head.


Believe me, they know what nearly all the animals in the Park are called. And look over there at the strange ones. The coatis for example. Had they ever heard of coatis before? And what about the marabou storks? Well I hadn’t, I swear. And, well, if you don’t want to look bad in front of your troop of little ones, you should prepare yourself well before visiting Palmitos Park.


Because children, for some inexplicable reason, recognise nearly all the strange fauna that lives in the park. Exotic species such as marabous, silvery-cheeked hornbills, emus, wallabies, komodo dragons etc. In short, you’ll need your children’s help.


Luckily, I could put a name to the dolphins. Thank goodness that my friends the dolphins were there! (I got to know them). Also, my children were completely still while we watched them doing somersaults. Transfixed (and believe me, that’s a miracle). To be honest, we were all enchanted by the dolphins.  And I was captivated by the rare fish in the aquarium at Palmitos Park.


And that’s my whole story of our visit to Palmitos Park. A visit that turned out to be the best part of my holidays in Gran Canaria, because I was able to enjoy a great morning with my team of little teachers, learning from them the strange names of the strangest animals that you can imagine.