Gran Canaria. A miniature continent

Get to know the closest tourist attractions to the TAM Resorts Group accommodations
A small continent in miniature

Gran Canaria

Do you know why it is said that Gran Canaria is a small continent in miniature?

It is because of its changing landscapes with dunes, mountains and beaches. The dry south contrasts with the green pine forests of the mountainous interior

and it is not unusual to find snow on the peaks, while on the beaches below visitors sunbathe.

The island of Gran Canaria is located in the centre of the Canary archipelago, between Tenerife and Fuerteventura.

 It is an island close to Europe and Africa, which enjoys almost 60 kilometers of beaches on 236 kilometers of coastline, under a mild sun that manages to maintain an average temperature of 21 degrees Celsius.

This beautiful island can be reached in just a few hours by plane from the main European capitals:

Lisbon 2 h, Madrid 2 h 45 min, London, Rome and Paris 4 h 20 min, Stockholm 5 h 15 min, Berlin 5 h 30 min.


Discover the most popular tourist areas of the Canary Islands and those closest to the TAM Resorts Group accommodation.

Maspalomas Dunes and Lighthouse

Walk along the dunes that merge into the beach and visit the historic lighthouse, which is still in operation. Eden: 750m / 7 min walk. Alhambra: 3.2 km / 7 min by car Silvi: 2.8 km / 5 min by car

Playa del Ingles

Stroll along the 3-kilometre route and breathe in the fresh sea breeze. Eden: 6 km / 11 min by car. Alhambra: 300m / 3 min walk. Silvi: 700m / 9 min walk

Maspalomas Beach

Let your imagination run wild building castles together with your children. Eden: 500m / 6 min walk. Alhambra: 6.4 km / 12 min by car. Silvi: 5.9 km / 10 min by car

Meloneras Beach

Enjoy the gentle waves that make this beach perfect for families with small children. Eden: 2 km / 25 min walk. Alhambra: 6.1 km / 11 min by car. Silvi: 5.6 km / 9 min by car

Holiday World Maspalomas

Have fun in the amusement park and ride the Ferris wheel to see the whole tourist area of Maspalomas from the top. Eden: 3.4 km / 5 min by car. Alhambra: 3.8 km / 7 min by car. Silvi: 3.3 km / 6 min by car


Stroll through the narrow streets and bridges of this small Canarian Venice. Eden: 28,7 km / 25 min by car. Alhambra: 32 km / 31 min by car. Silvi: 31 km / 29 min by car

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Capital)

Visit the Christopher Columbus Museum and admire his navigational maps, stroll through the streets with a medieval atmosphere and enjoy the colourful. Eden: 58 km / 40 min by car. Alhambra: 53 km / 42 min by car. Silvi: 52 km / 39 min by car

Las Canteras Beach (Capital)

Take advantage of this wonderful urban beach to watch the sunset from the shore. Eden: 62,6km / 45 min by car. Alhambra: 57,6 km / 44 min by car. Silvi: 56,6 km / 41 min by car

Roque Nublo

Admire the beauty of one of the largest natural rocks in the world. 40 km aprox. / 1h by car from the 3 resorts.