Maspalomas Dunes and Lighthouse

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Maspalomas Dunes and Lighthouse

Next to Maspalomas Beach, which merges into the Maspalomas Dunes, is one of the most famous monuments in the south of Gran Canaria, the Maspalomas Lighthouse
It was first put into operation on 1 February 1890 and today, this historic lighthouse, 60 meters high, still serves as a navigational guide.
The Maspalomas Lighthouse is also a popular place to enjoy romantic sunsets and feel the freshness of the sea breeze.
And  on the same beach, bordering it, you can see the well-known Maspalomas Dunes, which extend for 6 kilometers towards the coast and the beach of Playa del Ingles.
The Maspalomas Dunes cover an area of 403.9 hectares, grow slowly, about 2-5 cm per year, and so far, it has not been possible to determine their exact origin.

Feel the cool breeze by the lighthouse

Admire sunsets worthy of framing

Walk along the dunes that melt into the beach

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Distance from the Maspalomas Dunes and Lighthouse to the accommodations

Eden: 750 m 7 min walk
Alhambra: 3.2 km 7 min by car
Silvi: 2.8 km 5 min by car