Las Canteras Beach (Capital)

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Las Canteras Beach (Capital)

Las Canteras beach is a popular urban beach in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the island’s capital.
The beach is located in the northeastand there are numerous ways to reach the beach from the promenade.
Its sand is golden and stretches for more than two kilometres in length winding along the coast of Las Palmas.
It is an urban beach with public toilets, changing rooms and showers, and is guarded by lifeguards from the Red Cross.

Take advantage of this urban beach to watch the sunset from the shore

Stroll along the more than 2 kilometres of the course and breathe in the sea breeze

Breathe easy, because you have strategically located toilets.

Feel safe, because you have Red Cross lifeguards at your disposal

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Distance from Las Canteras Beach to the accommodations

Eden: 62,6km 45 min by car
Alhambra: 57,6 km 44 min by car
Silvi: 56,6 km 41 min by car